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If you are looking for a new knitting set to get started with, then the Knitting Supplies Kit from Walmart is an excellent choice. This 25 piece kit has everything you need to start learning how to knit – even if it’s your very first time ever! I knew that this was going to be my starter kit, so I did some research on other kits before buying one myself. After reading reviews and checking out the prices of others’ sets, I went ahead and purchased this one from Walmart at a reasonable price. You’ll love having all these great tools in such a compact little box- perfect for traveling too!

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Features of Knitting Supplies Kit

1. 91 Pcs Knitting Accessories
2. Easy to Use
3. Portable and Compact
4. Basic Knitting Supply Kit
5. Perfect Gift for Crochet

1. 91 Pcs Knitting Accessories

This kit contains a wide variety of knitting tools and materials. It includes 91 pieces, including the following: yarn needle, crochet hook, 7 sizes of knitting needles (one size for each type), 4 colors of wool in 5 colors in one ball – all packaged beautifully and neatly together./.

2. Easy to Use

For beginners or those who want to try out something new, this knitting supplies kit is a great place to start. With its 2 in 1 design it’s easy and convenient for anyone from kids learning how take care of their first project to adults who would like an easy way into the hobby. Included are 10 knitting needles – 6 straight & 4 circular – as well as all the rest of your tools such as scissors, yarn winder, and darning needle.

3. Portable and Compact

This light-weight, portable and compact knitting kit has everything you need to get started on your next project. With a built-in carry case that can be converted into needle rollers or storage for extra yarn, this is the ideal travel set – it fits neatly in its own bag making it easy to take with you on any trip! It includes needles of varying sizes (US 4/3mm up to US 8/5mm), 3 stitch markers, 2 safety eyes, crochet hooks from US B/6.0 up to US F7.

4. Basic Knitting Supply Kit

A basic knitting supplies kit is a set of tools and materials that are required to create the perfect knitted garment. The four items in this template include needle-nose pliers, long straight pins, tapestry needles with matching stitches and yarn. In addition to these knitting supply items you will also find an instruction booklet on how to knit from scratch as well as some additional tips for beginners who might be interested in learning more about the craft.

5. Perfect Gift for Crochet

Need a gift for your crochet-loving friend? Look no further. This knitting supplies kit is perfect for the beginner or professional crocheter in your life, and includes everything you need to get started with this popular craft. The set comes complete with an easy to follow instruction book that shows how to make different stitches including ribbing, cables, lace and more. It also comes with two sets of interchangeable needles: size 2 pairs are 3 inch long; size 3 pairs are 4 inches long so they’ll work well if you’re making baby blankets too!

Reviews & Ratings of Knitting Supplies Kit

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Knitting Supplies Kit by Clover is a set of self-striping yarn and knitting needles, which are the perfect tool for any beginning knitter. The kit includes 100% cotton yarn with two colors to choose from – hot pink or turquoise blue.
Although it has four stars out of five on average, one customer said “This was not easy to use … I would definitely recommend taking your time with this product” while another found that the instructions were difficult to follow.
But most customers had nothing but praise for the pattern book included in this kit as well as how clear they were and how nicely written they were too!


The Knitting Supplies Kit includes a needle gauge, Yarn Dye for Color Reversal and an Instruction Booklet. The instruction booklet is fairly simple to read as it does not contain any complicated knitting patterns or tutorials. These are just basic instructions on how to use the needles with wool yarns and different sizes of cords that come in the kit to make sweaters, scarves, hats etc…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are knit kits worth it?

A: Knitting kits are often expensive and not worth the money.

What should be in a knitting kit?

A: A knitting kit is a small set of tools and materials that are used for the purpose of creating knitted items. It typically includes needles, yarn, scissors, a ball winder or swift, and other small tools such as stitch markers.

How can I get free knitting supplies?

A: There are many different ways to get free knitting supplies. One way is to sign up for a craft website like Craftsy, which offers free classes and materials in exchange for watching ads. Another option is to join your local yarn stores email list and they will send you coupons and discounts on their products.

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