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There are lots of different types of ball winders on the market, and they all serve a different purpose. Some people use them to make yarn balls while others just like winding up their unused wool roving. If you have any thoughts about which type of ball winder is right for your needs then I hope this review will help you decide.
I recently got one for my own knitting supplies because we were looking for something that could work with both regular worsted weight yarns as well as aran weight ones in order to avoid tangling our bulky projects when winding by hand. We also wanted it so that it would be easy enough for my 2-year-old niece (who can’t yet hold onto anything) to use without fear she’d drop whatever was being wound or break the device during its operation – which happened often before we had a new toy!
This particular model from Lacis looks adorable – small enough not to take up much space but big enough to handle most jobs including those heavier than average items like wool roving and extra large crochet hooks

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Features of Lacis in-Line Yarn Ball Winder

1. Nique winder
2. In line bobbin with moving yarn guide and removable table clamp
3. Winder measures 5-1/2 by 8×3-3/4-inch
4. Clamps onto surfaces up to 1-1/2-inch thick

1. Nique winder

Simply connect a ball of yarn to the base of Lacis in-Line Yarn Ball Winder and watch as it winds up into perfect balls every time. The Nique model is designed with a heavier body for improved stability, which will prevent wobbling during use. With its compact design, this device can easily be tucked away when not needed.),

2. In line bobbin with moving yarn guide and removable table clamp

This ball winder is in line with the bobbin, meaning that you can put it on top of a table without having to worry about your yarn getting tangled up. The moving yarn guide helps keep your work neat and tidy as it winds off onto the spool. You also get a removable table clamp for when you need to store or transport this ball winder easily.

3. Winder measures 5-1/2 by 8×3-3/4-inch

A yarn ball winder is a useful tool for knitting afghans, scarves and other projects that involve lots of wool or any kind of yarn. Yarn winds in the round with this lacis in-line winder which can be easily stored when not in use. The one included with this product measures 5-1/2 by 8×3-3/4 inch and has an open loop handle for easy grip as you wrap your project

4. Clamps onto surfaces up to 1-1/2-inch thick

A lacis in-line yarn ball winder was designed with a clamping mechanism that lets you create the perfect size balls for your knitting, crocheting or needlework. It provides an easy way to manage those pesky loose ends without getting tangled up into knots. The unit features four clamps that can hold onto surfaces up to 1 and half inches thick, which is great because it allows you to use this tool on both delicate and hard objects such as wood, metal and plastic.

Reviews & Ratings of Lacis in-Line Yarn Ball Winder

Our Rating: 3.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Lacis in-Line Yarn Ball Winder is a ball winder that can be used for all types of yarn, including yarn dyed with colorfast dyes. It has been designed to automatically wind balls without jamming or tangling and it comes with an adjustable tension control that you can use to make sure the process goes smoothly. The Lacis also features two guides on either side of the handle so you know how many inches have passed while winding your project.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Lacis in-Line Yarn Ball Winder 3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
It’s not quite as good as some other models but there are still plenty happy customers who made it into their top three picks! Customers gave high praise across much more than just performance though, saying things like “This was my first purchase from Amazon & I am very pleased with this product … Very easy assembly did take me about 10 minutes” and “Great little tool for any beginner crocheter looking to learn new tricks!”
So if you want something affordable yet functional then give this model a try


This is one of the most popular ball winder on Amazon, and for good reason. It has a sleek design that sits nicely in your kitchen countertop or on top of any table. This product comes with a 5 year warranty which makes this purchase an even better deal than usual.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a yarn winder worth it?

A: A yarn winder is a tool that can help you create more consistent and uniform yarn. It will also help you avoid tangles, knots, and other problems that come with using your fingers to pull out skeins of yarn.

How do you use a Lacis Jumbo yarn ball Winder?

A: To use a Lacis Jumbo yarn ball Winder, you must first wind the yarn into a ball. You then take the ball and push it onto the end of the lacis jumbo yarn ball winder. Then you pull on the handle to rotate the yarn around until it is fully wound.

Can you use a yarn winder without a swift?

A: Yes, you can use a yarn winder without a swift.

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