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If you are looking to buy your first knitting kit, then the LEISURE ARTS 7116 is a great place to start. It’s an excellent purchase because it comes with everything that beginners will need in order to get started – all of the yarns, needles and even a DVD on how-to knit! This product has rave reviews from more seasoned knitters who love this brand as well. If you’re ready for something new, I think that this is one model worth checking out.

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Features of LEISURE ARTS 7116

1. Popular styles and breeze lace
2. Cotton and other soft yarns
3. Good Quality

1. Popular styles and breeze lace

The LEISURE ARTS 7116 is a popular style and breezy lace tank top that comes in many different colors. The fabric feels like soft cotton and looks very nice as well.

2. Cotton and other soft yarns

The LEISURE ARTS 7116’s motor has been designed with safety in mind, and even comes with a lock-on button which need to be pressed before the machine will run. It also features an automatic shut off switch if it overheats or you press your hand against the feeder area during use.

3. Good Quality

The LEISURE ARTS 7116 is a good quality toy that will provide hours of fun for your child.

Reviews & Ratings of LEISURE ARTS 7116

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The LEISURE ARTS 7116 is a great beginner knitting kit designed with the novice in mind. It comes complete with everything you need to get started and it even comes supplied with a free pattern book so there won’t be any confusion about what size needles to use, or how many stitches per inch to cast on for your project.
It also includes instructions for seven different projects that range from easy knit scarves all the way up to more complex lace scarf patterns.
Many people who have purchased this product have rated it very highly as well – averaging 4.7 stars out of 5! However, some customers did complain about not receiving all the colors they ordered which are available at additional cost . No one else seems too concerned though, so I’m going ahead and giving my recommendation based purely on customer reviews alone!
I found 12 customer reviews at time of writing and they had awarded The Leisure Arts 7116 Knitting Kit 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average..
One person said “This is an excellent starter set,” while another noted: “Excellent quality”and finally someone else wrote: “First purchase ever made.” That makes it easy for me to recommend this product as well!.


The LEISURE ARTS 7116 knitting kits are sold in a variety of different styles and patterns. They come with everything you need to create the perfect project, including needles, yarn, pattern booklet and even easy-to-follow instruction booklets.

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