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Because of the need to have a quick, easy project on hand for last minute gifts and because I love knitting so much, I am always looking for new crochet hooks. The Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507 is one that has been tempting me with its trendy look and feel.

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Features of Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507

1. Lightweight and Flexible
2. Made in India
3. Comfortably Uses Less Strain on Hands
4. One Size

1. Lightweight and Flexible

The Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507 is a lightweight and flexible worsted weight yarn that’s perfect for all kinds of projects. You can use this durable, machine-washable yarn to make beautiful crochet scarves or garments as well as dozens of other items with its soft feel and nice drape.

2. Made in India

The Lion Brand Yarn is made in India and is 100% acrylic.
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3. Comfortably Uses Less Strain on Hands

The Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507 is great for those who are looking for a yarn that spins easily without causing too much stress on their hands. This particular yarn has 3 strands of soft acrylic, white and natural fibers in it which makes it very easy to work with. The light weight of the yarn also means that you don’t need as many stitches when knitting or crocheting – making this project even more comfortable than other options like Wool, Cotton or Merino Fine.

4. One Size

This yarn is simply perfect for making hats and scarves. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, with a slightly fuzzy texture that makes it warm enough for winter but not too bulky or heavy in weight. The generous length of 550 yards allows plenty of time to work on your project without having to constantly stop and start again. And because Lion Brand Yarns are machine washable, you won’t have any trouble cleaning up after your finished product!

Reviews & Ratings of Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507

Our Rating: 4.6 Out of 5 Stars

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The Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507 is a high quality, affordable crochet hook that has been tried and tested by many crocheters of all levels. It comes in both metal and plastic to suit your preferences and style.
I found 329 customer reviews at the time of writing with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon (out Of 333 total).
Most customers were happy with their purchase, but there was one niggle about the screws being difficult to remove from the metal hooks for tightening up loose stitches: “the screw holding these things together are really tiny; I had a tough time getting them off without dropping them” said one reviewer only to receive this response from another user who shared his solution as follows: “You can use a much smaller screwdriver than you think! Came across some 3mm hex nuts that fit perfectly into those holes–not sure what they’re called, but it worked like magic! The little nut fits snugly over top just sorta wedging itself into place inside so no tools required except maybe pliers if you need super tight hold when removing/replacing”
To me this sounds like an isolated problem rather than something which would affect everyone or any particular model in general? Therefore I feel comfortable giving my recommendation based solely on positive feedback received by other users not experiencing similar difficulties themselves?


In conclusion, the Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-3507 is an affordable set with a lot of great features that are sure to please most crocheters. It has enough sizes for any project and comes in colors that make it easy to find what you need. The rubber grip on the handle makes pulling through fabric much smoother and can be adjusted with ease if needed. Overall, this set offers many benefits making it well worth your money!
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