Lion Brand Yarn Glow is a unique yarn with a luminous sheen that makes it perfect for special effects projects. Whether you’re looking to create glowing candles, festive ornaments, or even just an eerie glow in the dark project, Lion Brand Yarn Glow will give your finished product that special something extra. I have had the pleasure of testing out this yarn and am excited to share my findings with you.

Lion Brand Yarn Glow Review


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✅ 100% Polyester Yarn

✅ Machine Wash & Dry

✅ Made in China

✅ Fiber Content: 100% PolyesterCheck Price

1. 100% Polyester Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn Glow is a 100% polyester yarn that glows in the dark. This yarn is perfect for making nighttime projects, like blankets or tapestries, because it’s easy to see in the dark. Plus, since this yarn is made from polyester, it’s soft and durable, making it a great choice for any project you might want to try.

2. Machine Wash & Dry

Machine washable wool is a must-have for any knitter. Lion Brand Yarn Glow is made of 100% washable wool and comes in a variety of colors to suit every need. Whether you’re knitting a sweater for the cold weather or something special for a loved one, this yarn will make your project look great even after repeated washes. Plus, machine washing and drying saves you time and energy – two things we can all use more of!

3. Made in China

Many people are drawn to Lion Brand Yarn Glow for its pretty colors and softness. This yarn is made in China, however, which may not be the best news for some knitters. While there may be no guarantee that Chinese manufacturing practices will harm your yarn, it’s always a good idea to know where your wool comes from. Plus, with so many great American-made yarns on the market these days, it might be worth considering one of those instead.

4. Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Polyester is a great fiber for knitting because it’s so durable. It also has a nice drape to it, which makes for a smooth fabric. Lion Brand Yarn Glow is made with 100% polyester, and it’s perfect for creating beautiful garments that will last you seasons long.

Reviews & Ratings of Lion Brand Yarn Glow

Our Rating: 4.2 Out of 5 Stars

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Lion Brand Yarn Glow is a soft, colorful yarn that is perfect for knitting and crocheting. Made with 100% wool, this yarn has a nice sheen to it and feels great in the hand. Lion Brand Yarn Glow also dyes very well – so you can create beautiful projects without having to worry about color bleeding or fading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lion Brand Yarn good quality?

Overview. From 9 reviews, Lion Brand Yarn received a customer rating of 1 stars, suggesting that the majority of buyers were usually unsatisfied with their purchases. Among yarn websites, Lion Brand Yarn is ranked number 16.

Did Lion Brand Yarn go out of business?

On Ap, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City will close. On Thursday, the shutdown was disclosed through their website and social media accounts. Lion Brand, a significant provider of yarn to merchants like Michaels and Joann Stores, will keep supplying its yarn to shops around the country.

Is Lion Brand yarn made in China?

Lion Brand Yarns are produced in the USA.

Why is there a yarn shortage?

Due to a surge in new customer behavior, retailers were being wiped out. All yarn estimates for 2020 reached projection levels in the middle of the year, leaving no stock once stock reserves bottomed out.

How do I contact Lion Brand yarns?

Did you know that there are many ways to get in touch with Lion Brand when you need assistance? Call customer support at (800) 661-7551 if you need help ordering or if you have issues about your purchase. The hours of customer service are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri. There is a ton of information on our website.

How do I redeem Lion brand points?

How are Lion Points redeemed? Starting at 500 points for a $5 discount certificate, Lion Points may be exchanged for vouchers. You will get a code to use at checkout after you decide to redeem a voucher offer.

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