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The QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set is the perfect addition to a crocheter’s workstation. It comes with eighteen steel hooks, eight sizes in three different gauges and an easy-to-follow instruction booklet that will help you learn how to crochet within minutes of opening your package. If you’re looking for a quality set of hooks at a fair price, then this may be just what you’re looking for.

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Features of QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set

1. Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip Handle
2. Crochet Hooks Set with 13 Colors
3. Portable Storage Box
4. Ideal Gift for Family and Friends

1. Ergonomic Soft Rubber Grip Handle

The most important part of making a crochet project is learning the correct way to hold your crochet hook. Well, these Quuren Crochet Hooks might be just what you need because they have an ergonomic soft rubber grip handle that will make holding this tool easier for you. They are also long enough at 6 inches so that as long as you’re not too chicken about going over your head with them, it shouldn’t even be remotely difficult or painful to use them to create all kinds of items from scarves and hats to blankets and sweaters.

2. Crochet Hooks Set with 13 Colors

A crochet hook is a type of needle with a handle. It consists of either metal or wood and usually has an eye at one end to attach yarn, wire, etc., and it also has a tip on the other that can be used for forming stitches. There are many sizes available in different types of hooks, depending on what they’re normally used for. Most people have seen this tool before but did you know there are so many colors? Even if you don’t plan on crocheting right now I bet these colorful hooks would make great stocking stuffers!

3. Portable Storage Box

Crochet hooks are so often used by crocheters that they need somewhere to keep them when not in use. To make it easier, the QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set comes with a portable storage box. The set also includes 4 different sizes of hooks and makes for great gift giving!

4. Ideal Gift for Family and Friends

A set of 4 crochet hooks is the perfect gift for any knitter. These sturdy, metal hooks are guaranteed not to break or bend and have a special coating that makes them easy to work with. This lovely set includes 2 size US I/9 mm knitting needles, 1 size US K/10.5 mm knitting needle, 1 size US N/15mm circular needle and one each in sizes J-R and S-Z

Reviews & Ratings of QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set

Our Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon-

The QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set is the perfect starter set to get you started in the world of crochet. It’s a simple pattern that can easily be followed, and it comes with two sets of 4 hooks each so you’re ready for whatever project pops into your head. The big plus here is how affordable these hooks are; they have an average price point at $16 on Amazon which makes them very accessible and good value-for-money!
I found 20 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 5 stars out of a possible 5 on average. They said things like “Excellent Beginner”, “Great Product”, “Lovely handles (and) great quality”, “How could I not love it?,” “This was my first purchase from Quuren.” So although there were only 20 reviews overall, all but one review was positive about this product which means that people really seem to enjoy their purchases!


In conclusion, the quality of this product is apparent in its finished products. The QUUREN Crochet Hooks Set
is a reliable and versatile option for many different projects. It’s especially useful if you are just getting started with crochet or have been crocheting for some time but want to use something better than your basic nylon hook set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are metal or bamboo crochet hooks better?

A: Metal crochet hooks are generally better because they are stronger and more durable. Bamboo crochet hooks, while being cheaper, can break easily.

What are the best types of crochet hooks?

A: The best types of crochet hooks are the size 10.

Are wooden or metal crochet hooks better?

A: Wooden crochet hooks are better for beginners, and metal crochet hooks are better for more experienced crocheters.

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