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If you or someone in your life is a fan of crochet, then it’s time to start thinking about the project that will be at the center of their Christmas wish list. There are lots and lots of great things to be made with yarn, but if they’re not into crochet yet, I would recommend starting them off on something easier. One company that has some great projects for beginners is Red Heart Yarns (http://www.redheartknitandcrochet.com). Their Soft Baby Steps line gives crafters an easy-to-follow pattern book full of cute animals and fun accessories perfect for baby showers and newborn photos alike – all ready in no time! They have everything from blankets to washcloths; hats to booties; cuddly toys and more check out http://www . redhear tusa . com/softbabysteps ). The best part? You can get 20% off your purchase by using promo code “LOVEYARN20”

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Features of RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn

1. 100% Acrylic Material
2. 5mm Knitting Needle and 5mm Crochet Hook
3. 256-Yards Length

1. 100% Acrylic Material

This 100% acrylic yarn for babies is soft to the touch. This means it can be machine-washed and dried with ease, so you’ll never have to spend any time hand washing your baby’s clothes. It also makes this item perfect for traveling in case you’re on a long trip across the country and want something that will hold up well after being stuffed into your suitcase.

2. 5mm Knitting Needle and 5mm Crochet Hook

Made with a 2. 5mm knitting needle and 5mm crochet hook, these two sizes make it easy to work on most projects at your desired gauge. Made from 100% washable acrylic yarn that is available in 145 colors, you can choose the perfect shade for each project while keeping both hands free of unwanted lint or knots.

3. 256-Yards Length

With a lot of projects on the go, it can be really easy to become overwhelmed and forget where you’ve put things. This is where the RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn comes in handy with its 256-yard length. It’s just long enough for all your projects but not so long that you have to deal with tangles or having one ball too many. You’ll never lose track of this essential part of your yarn stash again!.

Reviews & Ratings of RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The RED HEART Soft Baby Steps Yarn is a soft, bulky yarn. This makes it easy for babies to handle and be comfortable with as they learn how to knit or crochet. It’s also great for first-time crocheters because the stitches are very simple so there isn’t too much frustration from your project turning out poorly.
It has an average 4.8 stars (out of 5) on Amazon at this time and many positive reviews about its quality, size, value for money etc., which make me happy to recommend it!


This soft, bulky yarn is perfect for projects with lots of texture and a relaxed feel. It’s also machine washable!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Red Heart Soft baby steps discontinued?

A: No, it is not discontinued.

Is Red Heart Soft really soft?

A: Yes, it is.

What weight is red heart soft baby steps yarn?

A: The weight of red heart soft baby steps yarn is 2.

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