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I love yarn. I don’t know what it is about the softness and warmth of knitting or crocheting, but something about them just makes me happy. My favorite types of yarn to use are those with a lot of color such as red hearts super saver ombre 10 oz spearmint. Over time, my taste has changed from bright colors to more toned down shades that still have lots going on in terms of design ideas.

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Features of RED HEART Super Saver Ombre Yarn 10 oz SPEARMINT

1. 100% Acrylic
2. Traditional Hand
3. Excellent Wash Performance
4. No-Dye-Lot Solids
5. 10oz Ombre Spearmint Yarn
6. 482 Yards

1. 100% Acrylic

This 100% acrylic yarn is a super-soft, easy care and vibrant color. It’s perfect for so many projects because of its versatile nature. This 5 weight/skein pack includes enough to make the patterns in your wheel or project bag!

2. Traditional Hand

This is a super soft and bouncy yarn that is perfect for any project, including toys. It’s constructed of 50% acrylic/50% wool to maintain its durability and keep it from shedding so there are no worries about little pieces of fuzz getting everywhere when you’re done. This yarn has been machine washable but we recommend hand washing in cool water with a gentle detergent or using your favorite non-chlorine bleach solution.

3. Excellent Wash Performance

The Yarn is made of superwash wool and nylon, which makes it very durable. It has an ombre effect with a spearmint green at the bottom and dark purple in the middle. The Ombre yarn washes well without losing any length or color-fastness, making it perfect for children’s clothing as well.

4. No-Dye-Lot Solids

The Super Saver Ombre Yarn has a no-dye lot solids and the colors are soft, yet vibrant. This yarn makes it easy to create mittens, hats, scarves or blankets without having to worry about fading colors throughout your project. To ensure that this point doesn’t fade away for good you can use bleach on any remaining pieces of yarn if they ever do start looking dull or faded out over time.

5. 10oz Ombre Spearmint Yarn

This is a 10 ounce package of Ombre Spearmint yarn from Red Heart. It comes in the colors of spearmint, green mint, blue sky and rustic red. This product can be used to create beautiful ombres that are semi-transparent with some transparency mixed into them.

6. 482 Yards

This yarn has a gradient from light to dark.

Reviews & Ratings of RED HEART Super Saver Ombre Yarn 10 oz SPEARMINT

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The RED HEART Super Saver Ombre Yarn 10 oz SPEARMINT is a great yarn for people who like knitting and crocheting. The colors are super vibrant, so the finished project will be very colorful. It also has an easy to maintain texture that makes it suitable for all types of projects.
I found 18 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average.?
There were no niggling points raised in any of these reviews about quality or finishing issues with this particular item as there does seem to be some complaint items listed by one customer saying “color was not what I expected” but most other reviewers didn’t have anything negative to say about their experience with Red Heart’s Super Savers Ombre yarn–except maybe “it ran small” from one reviewer which could mean lots of things (like wanting more yardage).
However, overall customers seemed quite pleased with their purchase! Other reviewers said: “Love love love my new snuggly blanket,” “in LOVE!!! Love working with these loops!” and finally another enthusiastic reviewer exclaimed, “great color selection.” This means that we can recommend the RED HEART Super Saver Ombre Yarn 10 oz SPEARMINT without reservation!


This is a 10 ounce yarn ball of ombre spearmint by RED HEART Super Saver. It’s made from 100% acrylic fibers and has a gauge of 18 to 20 stitches per 4 inches on size 8 needles. This product measures 16 yards in length and would be perfect for making various childrens’ items such as hats, sweaters, or blankets with your favorite colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ply is Red Heart Super Saver ombre?

A: Red Heart Super Saver is a medium weight yarn.

What weight is red heart ombre?

A: Red heart ombre is a light weight fabric.

What weight is ombre yarn?

A: Ombre yarn is a type of yarn that is made from two or more colors. It can be used in knitting, crochet, and other craft projects. The weight of ombre yarn varies depending on the number of colors it has.

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